Frequently Asked Questions


When should my child first see a dentist?

The ideal time for your child to meet the dentist is six months after their first teeth arrive. This gives your dentist a perfect opportunity to carefully examine the development of their mouth and catch problems such as baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations and prolonged thumb-sucking early. Our team at Atrius Dental Studio have an incredible ability to make your kids feel comfortable and enjoy their experience at the dentist!

How can I help my children look after their teeth?

Try to limit how much sugary food your children are eating and make sure they are brushing their teeth well. To ensure they are brushing well use an electric toothbrush. As well as regular brushing, bring your children in for a regular preventive care appointment with our amazing dentists and hygienists to ensure their teeth are in their best condition. This combination of correct brushing, eating good healthy food and regular cleaning at the dentist will give your children the teeth they will want as adults.

Is dentistry pain-free?

When undergoing your dental treatments with our dentists, we want to ensure your visit is relaxing and painless. We have various treatments and techniques to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, such as sleep dentistry for anxious patients.

Is IV sedation safe?

Dr. Stanley Malamed, Professor of Anesthesia, USC School of Dentistry, a nationally known expert on dental sedation, called IV sedation one of the safest of all sedative techniques. “While any sedative technique carries a degree of risk, the drugs used and their slow delivery, accompanied by modern monitoring equipment, make I.V. sedation extremely safe. After personally supervising over 3000 sedations at the USC School of Dentistry.” Malamed reported, “Complications arising during sedation were less than 0.3% and even those were minor.” In Ontario, special permits must be obtained from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons before IV sedation and general anesthesia can be provided in a dental office. The granting of a permit by the Royal College is subjected to careful assessment of the doctors’ training as well as an on site inspection of our office to ensure our set up and equipment as well as staff qualifications meet or exceed the stringent criteria set forth by the Royal College. Dr. Ricky See has been in general dental practice for 23 years and has received post-graduate continue education training in various disciplines including the safe administration of I.V. sedation. A registered nurse is always on site for patient monitoring when general anesthesia is given and all of our staff are either Basic Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support certified. Our training, together with the modern monitoring and resuscitation equipment assure that IV sedation performed in our office is extremely safe.

Do you offer laughing gas or happy gas?

In addition to IV sedation, we also offer laughing gas & can also prescribe a sedative tablet for the anxious patient.